The Herbalizer Vaporizer – Premium Desktop Technology

The Herbalizer Vaporizer – Premium Desktop Technology

The Herbalizer Vaporizer - Premium Desktop Technology

If you have been researching top tier desktop vaporizers, and have been curious as to which vape is really the leader of the industry, then you have likely heard about The Herbalizer Vaporizer, which has made a big name for itself over the past couple of years. The main reasons why this high performance desktop vaporizer is so popular among cannabis users is that it has an extremely fast heat up time, thanks to a halogen bulb, which provides nearly instantaneous heat which can vaporize the contents of the chamber in a matter of a few seconds.  In addition to the fast heat up times on this product, some of the additional attributes which attract buyers are the sleek design, premium performance, and the unique ability to use either a whip or a balloon bag to inhale your vapor draws.

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The Herbalizer has a very sleek and ergonomic design that blends right in with other household appliances such as clock radios and other associated coffee table products.  Treat yourself to the smoothest, purest vapor draws on the planet with the highest rated desktop vaporizer of all time.  The only other desktop vape that even comes close to the same level as the herbie is the Volcano, but this lacks the fast heat up times and is only compatible with it’s patented “easy valve” or “solid valve” balloon bag system.  With the herbalizer, you are afforded the luxury of choosing the balloon bag or the whip, so you can enjoy your deluxe herbal vaporization in whichever method is more convenient for you.  Me, I like to switch it up, as sometimes I will use the balloon, and then other times I will use the whip.  The balloons are definitely better when there are multiple people around, at a party or other similar atmosphere.  The whip attachment is much better for personal use, and you should use it accordingly.

Herbalizer Price Comparison To Other Desktop Models

The herbalizer is more expensive than 99% of the other vaporizers on the marketplace, and much higher than other desktops as well, except for the Digital Volcano, which is within $50 of the herbie.  But don’t get hung up on the high price tag, if you really want performance, and you simply demand a premium experience, then this baby is your ticket.  There is no other vaporizer on the marketplace that performs as well as the herbie, hence the giant price tag.  So please keep that in mind when you are searching the marketplace for the best desktop vaporizer to purchase, you must always think about performance and functionality, it’s not always about price.  If you could just remove price from the equation, then you would immediately be able to gain a better understanding of this product, and what it’s true features are.  It performs at a higher level than ever other vaporizer that we have tested, and that says a lot, because we have tested hundreds!

In summary, the herbalizer is the highest performing, highest priced desktop vaporizer on the market, and it will likely remain there until another young entrepreneurial-minded company comes out of the woodwork to challenge this facet of intellectual achievement.  Until then, it’s the herbie that takes the crown, and it’s praises we will sing until another worthy vape takes the throne!

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

The Atmos Jump is probably the best known cheap pen vaporizer to own out there that not many people take into consideration. When you see the cheap price of only $59, you may look the other way. Many people look for the cheapest prices online, but when it all comes down to your health, you’d rather pay more money for a better device. This is exactly how other people think when they think about purchasing themselve a handheld vaporizer device such as the Atmos Jump vaporizer. This is the reason why many people never actually want to see the facts when it all boils down to the quality of a vaporizer device.

There’s many reasons why you want to buy a good quality vaporizer online. Many don’t understand or know the differences between the two, but we should educate you so you can get a good idea of what people want when they’re buying a new herbal pen vaporizer for sale. There’s two types of heating, convection and conduction heating. Convection heating is when hot air rises from the heating element at the base of the atomizer and blows hot air directly up into the botanical which is hot enough to extract the botanical into vapor. Conduction heating is when a hot coil at the atomizer base is in direct contact with the botanical which is resting directly on top of the coil. Conduction heating is really only for dabbing, oil and wax vaporizers. Convection heating is exactly what the Atmos Jump features and not many people know this cause they look at the price. All the new herbal pen vaporizers being developed are all along the lines of $80+ for a convection herbal pen vaporizer. The company atomizer set the competitive pricing and placed the price tag at $60 for the Atmos Jump which it can easily be set at over $90 to compete with the Atmos Boss or Atmos Orbit which are really popular high quality pen vaporizers. The Atmos Jump has many of those features that you see within those vaporizers.


Why Buy The Atmos Jump?

The Atmos Jump has been mass marketed online for the last two years and it has really caught everyone’s attention. It is easily now the best herbal pen vaporizer in the world and is going to give the best vaporization period for a new vaporizer for you to use. When you want to use a pen vaporizer, this is the one you’re going to use as the Atmos Jump pen vaporizer is one of the best quality pen vaporizers in the world for you to buy a high quality pen vaporizer. The Atmos Jump has an all-glass-vapor path which makes it one of the top pen vaporizers to use for the price with its convection heating vaporization. It has just one temperature and the design is made out of quality aluminum alloy material which makes it a very durable vaporizer. With a Poly-carbonate heat safe plastic mouthpiece and a strong 1200mAH battery, the Atmos Jump is by far a quality pen vaporizer you need to think about buying when it all comes down to what type of pen vaporizer you’re going to buy and use.

The Atmos Jump for sale on  many of the online retailer sites, but the folks over at always seem to have the best prices for every unit. The price is $59 respectively and the Atmos Jump is going to be the go to vaporizer for anyone to use that wants to experience a quality, flavorful vaping experience while getting the most potent and flavorful vapor possible using this high-tech device to use. There’s a reason why the Atmos Jump was a top-rated cheap herbal pen vaporizer and it is the quality heating and durable design that has put this vaporizer on the map with the more expensive vaporizers. It is rare for you to see a good vaporizer that works as well as the Atmos Jump, this is a good quality unit you need to buy when you want a quality pen vaporizer that costs under $60.

Herb Vape Pen Advanced Technology

This is where it gets important, you’re coming to realize you’re a complete stoner and vaping everyday with an herbal vape pen is just going to happen. You rely on smoking your weed to get passed every day of life, if you don’t have weed, you go into complete depression and chaos and it is something you need to keep at all times when you want to be a better person.  Someone that smokes weed everyday is going to figure that you need to have a new herbal vaporizer to keep your mind free, toxins out of your body and for you to enjoy life without getting poisoned with any types of carcinogens.

When you’re looking to buy a new herbal vaporizer and make sure you know whats your vape temp, there are just so many things to consider, it is a big thing for you to get one and when you shop the right way, you can figure out exactly what you want and need when getting a new vaporizer.

There’s a few different types of herbal vaporizers to choose from and the following are a desktop vape, portable vape, and a vape pen.

A convection pen vaporizer is the main reason why you need to buy one buy you need to make sure you at least have some good elements involved which would be a good pre-set temperature range or even better; an OLED temperature range where you can specifically set the temperature to a precise setting like you can with the Vaporite Cosmic.
This is a true herbal vape pen and has one of the best technologies out of an vape pen you’d imagine.
The Vaporite Cosmic functions Blue-tooth technology and this type of new technology is becoming much more and far more well-known as you can set the distinct vaping session to whatever you decide on primarily based off how you set it up remotely from your intelligent phone to the vaporizer. This pen vaporizer is a very advanced vaporizer, it holds much control when you use the app feature, it also comes with the water attachment which will help make your life easier when it all comes down to having a good quality pen vaporizer.

The Vaporite Cosmic is a great new blue-tooth pen vaporizer with a low price of only $139.99 .

An easier and more simple vaporizer would be to go with the Atmos Astra,

The Astra has 4 levels of heating and uses convection vortex vaporization where the vapor extracts to be able to control the amount of vaping pull resistance so you have even more vaping density to work with based off the specific level you set it on.  The Atmos Astra can be yours for only $109 and is a very good price at best. The Atmos Astra is considered a portable vaporizer but is  truly a vape pen. It is small enough to fit inside any pocket being only 6 inches long and is only 1.4 inches in diameter. This is going to be one of the more affordable vape pens for you to buy when you need to get a great quality vape pen like the Astra can do.

When you can understand the differences and know what to look for in a new herbal vaporizer, it will make your life a whole lot easier. The facts will always remain, when you vaporize, you save 95% filtration of all carcinogens. This doesn’t burn your throat or require you to have a nasty taste in your mouth, you’re always inhaling clean vapor when you’re using a new vaporizer.  Vaporizers are the best medical devices and have a lot to offer when looking for a new vaporizer, you will expect to get the best out of everything and the fact you will increase the potency of your herbs by over 85% is a added benefit to having a new vaporizer. Vaporizers will always be there for you when you want to get the best out of anything, when you buy a new vaporizer you want to make sure you know how to use it, properly function it and always clean it so it is running at optimal performance. Always make sure the debris are lifted out of the herbal chamber after you use it so you can always make sure it is an optimal vaporizer.  If you’re looking to get the best type of pen vaporizers, we have them listed in this guide, sure it is a little investment to consider. There’s nothing better than owning the best types of vape pens to make your life easier for herbal vaping. These vaporizers are strictly for using when you’re going to have it for vaping your herbs and are strictly high-class, premium vaporizers that will last for hours when you need a good quality herbal vape pen that will last you for a full day without having to charge the vaporizer.  Following guides online can be the way to go when it all comes down to getting the best types of vaporizers available.

Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud V Phantom is the latest in a long line of marijuana vaporizers to come out of the famed CloudVapes, a renowned company known for its excellent vaporizers. This is a dry herb vaporizer which is cost effective, sleek, and compact. Although small in size, it can still hold a good enough quantity of dry herbs that should be enough to last you a long time.

The Cloud V Phantom is the perfect vaporizer for those who are just starting out on vaporizing dry herbs or those looking to buy their first very own vaporizer. The price makes it affordable for everyone. The design is intuitive and simple with a single heating setting.

Cloud V Phantom Portable VaporizerThe Cloud V Phantom is as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. With very few parts and an easy to clean design, this is for those that are looking for functionality with elegance. By unscrewing the bottom, you can load the vaporizer with the herbs of your choice, up to 0.3 grams of herbs at a time. It would be a good idea to pack the herbs tight and grind them fine in order to fit larger quantities in the chamber of this vaporizer.

There is a power button with an easy click feature and a pre-set temperature of 428 Fahrenheit, which is just the right temperature to dry up or vaporize your herbs of choice. You have a red light which turns blue once the heating has started. The battery life after a single charge of 3 hours is about 45 minutes. The vaporizer has its own safety feature which shuts down automatically after 2 minutes of vaporizing. This can save you from any accidental fires that can prove to be fatal.

The Cloud V Phantom has a manufacturer warranty of one year. The kit comes with two 18500 batteries, a pair of tweezers, packing tool, cleaning brush, and user manual. Even though it gets hot, the sturdy build of this vaporizer ensures that you don’t get your hands burned. There is a great amount of vapor generated from very small quantities of herbs, which is good news for anyone who knows how precious herbs are. This means you not only save on herbs and your herbs last longer, but you ultimately spend less on herbs as they last longer.

This portable vaporizer can easily fit into your pocket or in the palm of your hand. It is easily chargeable and heats up quickly. There is no need to wait a long time for your vaporizer to heat up. Since the battery can last up to 4 sessions of use after a single charge, this is the perfect vaporizer to take along with you when you go out of your home.

The durable build of this vaporizer ensures that you will be using it for a long time to come, making the minimal investment in it absolutely worth its price. Being very easy to use and even handier to port around, this is the vaporizer of choice for beginners and veterans alike.

5 Cheap Box Mods For Sale Under $50

5 Cheap Box Mods For Sale Under $50

If you’re looking for a box mod, you can spend up to $200 or more on one. However, if you can exactly afford several hundred dollars on a vaporizer, there are still plenty of options for a cheap box mods for sale under $50 that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

  1. eLeaf iStick 20W – $30

You aren’t getting an overwhelming amount of power with this box mod, but it’s still an impressively functioning mod for the price. It does have variable voltage and offers low voltage protection. This is a great vaporizer for the beginner who wants to play around with mods.

  1. Innokin iTaste MVP 20 Watts – $30

This is another mod that is good for a beginner vaper. It doesn’t pack and overly powerful punch but it’s just enough to give you a different experience.

  1. Authentic SMOK XPro M65 65W – $48.34

This box mod sits right under the $50 price point and has one of the more powerful wattage offerings. Users agree that this mod offers affordability and power while including sub-ohm vaping capabilities.

You can get this $48.34 price by searching under google for the model name. (The site often changes the link addresses so heading to the website and searching is most reliable.)

  1. Sigelei 75w Box Mod TC – $69.95

Sigelei is one of the most popular brand of box mods. You can find a lot of more powerful mods such as the Sigelei 150W and the Sigelei 100w mods made by Sigelei. They’re known for their clean, sleek design and the quality of their products. The new Sigelei 75 watt features full temperature control and gives you the same quality that Sigelei is known for at a more affordable price point. This is one of the newest mods to be released and is definitely one to consider.

  1. iPV Mini 30W Mod – $49.95

Another reliable brand, iPV delivers great quality mods without you needing to break the bank. This isn’t the right choice for experienced vapers. But if you’re looking to just get into the box mod scene without making much of a financial investment right off the bat, then definitely consider the iPV Mini.

If you’re willing to step up the amount you want to spend to the $60-$70 range you have much more of a selection of box mods. If you’re vaping on a tight budget, these mods will give you at least a taste of what advancing vaping is like

V2 Has Released its Series 7 Electronic Cigarette

V2 Has Released its Series 7 Electronic Cigarette

As if the V2 Pro Series 3 didn’t excite us enough, V2 has released its 7 series and they’ll be shipping no later than March 31st. Based on the features and the reviews, the Series 7 might be the best electronic cigarette to hit the market in a long time.

We’ve written about the Pro Series 3 before. They dropped the price from $79.99 to $59.99 so we knew the 7 series was coming. The one complaint that we had about the Series 3 was the fact that it didn’t come with a wall adapter for the USB Charger – it only included the cord. Series 7 addresses that and then some!

Let’s talk about the features on this. First of all, it has the capacity to do both e-liquid and loose leaf. So if you’re in it for the flavor of the liquids like traditional vaporizers, you’re taken care of. Or, if you like to use loose leaf herbs, you can do that with a simple switch of settings and cartridge. This freedom has this electronic cigarette with one up already on its competitors.

Another great feature is that it’s similar to the ever-so-popular box mod in that it has variable temperature and variable voltage. You get to have more control over your vaping experience.

The extended battery life is really the selling point on the V2 Pro Series 7. Users claim to have been able to go 2 days without charging their battery with moderate usage. This is quite impressive and an improvement over the half to 1 full day of usage in the V2 Series 3. The tanks also have a greater storage capacity for e-liquid allowing you to not have to refill that as often either. Honestly, it seems like V2 is right on the mark here.

If you’re someone who digs color and style, you’ll enjoy that the Series 7 comes in three colors: Steel, Blue, or Black. You can customize it at no extra charge.

Let’s get the price out of the way. For the V2 Pro Series 7, you can expect to pay $149.99. Yes, it’s a higher priced vape pen, but let’s go over the final touch point before you rule it out: What does this thing come with?

Again, the complaint with the Series 3 was that it didn’t come with the wall adapter. Series 7 does come with the AC USB adapter. It also comes with: The vaporizer, an e-liquid cartridge, a loose leaf cartridge, USB Charger (and that adapter), and a pick & brush. That’s quite the impressive kit.

You know, whenever a company comes out with a product, they’re going to hear complaints. You saw that we had the concern with the Series 3. Some companies will listen to suggestions and others won’t. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see that any and all concerns that people had about the previous model were addressed in the new Series 7. Having to charge your battery too much? They gave an extended battery. No wall charger adapter? They included one this time around. Not happy about buying a loose leaf cartridge separately? They threw it into the package.

Yes, it’s $149.99, but you’re getting a high quality pen-sized vaporizer that is going to last you quite a few years. If you’re not quite ready to go for the whole box or mechanical mod approach to vaping but you still want to kick up your electronic cigarette game just a few notches, then you should head right over to the V2 site and get your V2 Pro Series 7 now!

A Guide To Buying the Best e-Cig Mod

A Guide To Buying the Best e-Cig Mod

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current box mod, or graduate into the world of e-cig mods, there are a few things that you need to consider. Buying a box-mod is more about what your personal preferences are and what you want to get out of your vaping session. We’re going to cover some of the key features in box mods so that you can make the most informed decision when upgrading your vape.

First you should know the difference between e-cig box mods and mechanical mods. A box mod is also known as an APV, Advanced Personal Vaporizer. An APV enables you to customize your mod by increasing the wattage or power that your vaporizer operates it. All of the modifications are regulated, that is protected by a smart chip that controls the amount of power to a degree. While you have the discretion of how much power your vaporizer uses, the smart chip makes sure you don’t over power it.

A mechanical mod, on the other hand is an unregulated device. The power is controlled by the battery strength. A full battery means you get high voltage, a low battery means you have low voltage. People with mechanical mods, unless they’re experienced users very often seize their battery by overvaping when there is a low battery. While it gives you more control, it also gives you much more of a risk of injury or misuse. The safety features alone make e-cig box mods the better choice for someone who is just starting off in the world of mods.

Battery Life

If you’re looking for increased battery life over your traditional e-cig, a box mod will do the trick. Most of them have higher powered and longer lived batteries and the batteries are rechargeable. This is much more convenient that some of the e-cigarettes that have disposable parts. There is also a feature that many box mods have called “pass-through” which enables you to plug your vape in to charge and still use it as it charges.

Voltage and Wattage

E-Cig mods enable you to fine-tune your experience by buying vapes with different voltage and wattage options. Beginner vapers might not know the difference between voltage and wattage. You’re not alone! Voltage controls how hot your vaping liquid gets when you use it. A higher heat results in a warmer vape and increased flavor. A lot of e-cig mods will come with variable voltage meaning that you can try out a few different levels of voltage to see where your ideal vaping level is.

There is another feature called variable wattage. Thing about an air conditioning filter. After a while of use, the filter gets dirty and your air conditioner has to work overtime, resulting in higher bills. The same thing happens within the coils of your vaporizer. If the coils get dirty, you have to use more power, to get the same effect, causing you to lose battery much more quickly. Variable wattage allows you to set the device to whatever wattage you’re comfortable at vaping at, and if the device detects that your coils are clogged, it will adjust the voltage automatically to compensate.

You can buy devices that have both variable voltage and variable wattage, but some e-cig mods don’t have both features, so make sure you’re checking before you buy!


If you like to switch up your atomizers, then you definitely want to make sure you look into the threading capability of your next e-cig mod. It’s almost like buying accessories for iPhone VS Android. There are some e-cig mods that only allow for eGo. Others only allow you to use 510 mods. The best e-cig mods allow you to switch out for both.

Buying an e-Cig mod is similar to buying a new car. You can customize it however you’d like and choose between different features. Some people go for functionality and convenience while others are more interested in safety. Everyone has different priorities and interests when it comes to customizing their vape experience, so it’s worth your time to research before you invest money into your next box mod. Above all, make sure you’re enjoying your experience without sacrificing safety. Happy Vaping!