Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud V Phantom is the latest in a long line of marijuana vaporizers to come out of the famed CloudVapes, a renowned company known for its excellent vaporizers. This is a dry herb vaporizer which is cost effective, sleek, and compact. Although small in size, it can still hold a good enough quantity of dry herbs that should be enough to last you a long time.

The Cloud V Phantom is the perfect vaporizer for those who are just starting out on vaporizing dry herbs or those looking to buy their first very own vaporizer. The price makes it affordable for everyone. The design is intuitive and simple with a single heating setting.

Cloud V Phantom Portable VaporizerThe Cloud V Phantom is as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. With very few parts and an easy to clean design, this is for those that are looking for functionality with elegance. By unscrewing the bottom, you can load the vaporizer with the herbs of your choice, up to 0.3 grams of herbs at a time. It would be a good idea to pack the herbs tight and grind them fine in order to fit larger quantities in the chamber of this vaporizer.

There is a power button with an easy click feature and a pre-set temperature of 428 Fahrenheit, which is just the right temperature to dry up or vaporize your herbs of choice. You have a red light which turns blue once the heating has started. The battery life after a single charge of 3 hours is about 45 minutes. The vaporizer has its own safety feature which shuts down automatically after 2 minutes of vaporizing. This can save you from any accidental fires that can prove to be fatal.

The Cloud V Phantom has a manufacturer warranty of one year. The kit comes with two 18500 batteries, a pair of tweezers, packing tool, cleaning brush, and user manual. Even though it gets hot, the sturdy build of this vaporizer ensures that you don’t get your hands burned. There is a great amount of vapor generated from very small quantities of herbs, which is good news for anyone who knows how precious herbs are. This means you not only save on herbs and your herbs last longer, but you ultimately spend less on herbs as they last longer.

This portable vaporizer can easily fit into your pocket or in the palm of your hand. It is easily chargeable and heats up quickly. There is no need to wait a long time for your vaporizer to heat up. Since the battery can last up to 4 sessions of use after a single charge, this is the perfect vaporizer to take along with you when you go out of your home.

The durable build of this vaporizer ensures that you will be using it for a long time to come, making the minimal investment in it absolutely worth its price. Being very easy to use and even handier to port around, this is the vaporizer of choice for beginners and veterans alike.