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The Three Most Affordable Dry Herb Vapes

The balance between finding a product that is economic but works well is delicate. In particular, vape enthusiasts may struggle to acquire a unit that produces potent vapor but doesn’t cost a ton of money. There is a good selection of vaporizers that are priced around $100, or slightly below, but even this price range may be unrealistic for some users. Luckily, some options do exist for customers that want devices closer to fifty dollars rather than one hundred dollars. The following list will discuss the details and important aspects of the three most affordable portable dry herb vaporizers of 2019. All of the following vapes are also listed for sale at $65 or below!

The CFC Lite

CFC Lite

The number one most economic and optimally-functioning dry herb vape is the CFC Lite by Boundless! This unit has all the ingredients needed for success jammed into one tiny package. With a height below four inches for ultra stealthy use, and a ceramic chamber for tasty vapor, the CFC Lite does it right. The device additionally features an isolated air path which enhances cloud quality, three temperature selections (385, 403 & 421 degrees Fahrenheit), and a removable, and replaceable battery which increases portability. Boundless is a very reputable brand, and they finally made a budget unit for users that want high quality but don’t have deep pockets. The CFC Lite is listed at $64.99 at most online retail shops, but customers may be able to shop around and purchase the unit at $59.99 with a coupon code.

The Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump is a dry herb vape pen that is simple but super hard hitting. The unit touts an anodized oven and utilization of a convection heating method, as marijuana is not placed in direct contact with the heating element, but rather passes through a ceramic filter. The result of this design is thick, dense, and powerful clouds. Customers should be aware the unit only comes with one pre-set temperature, and a non-removable 1200 mAH battery, so there is not as much flexibility as the CFC Lite listed above. The Atmos Jump is a great choice for users looking to vape fast and easy, and that want to rip on a budget. With a retail price of $59.95, it’s definitely affordable for the masses.

The SeshGear Commute

SeshGear Commute

Last but not least on the list is the SeshGear Commute! This unit is one of those hidden gems that is up and coming. Standing at barely four inches, it definitely has the discreet factor and users can hit it anytime and anywhere. What’s really to love about this vape, though, is the internal build. The SeshGear Commute uses a fully ceramic heating chamber, and pure convection heating for delicious and potent vapor quality. It also manages to offer some customization with a total of three temperature settings including 390, 405, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Users that are trying to save money, but want a great, inconspicuous and portable unit will have found their match in the SeshGear Commute. It also happens to be the most affordable on the list with a retail price of $55!

Guide to Choosing a Boundless Vaporizer

Boundless Logo

Boundless is one of the most popular brands in the industry, and this company has a large selection of units that range in price from under one hundred to well over two hundred dollars. Boundless vaporizers are easily recognized by more than just their logo; these devices all have three factors in common- the Boundless build is always sturdy, the cloud quality is top-notch, and every vape in their collection is easy to operate. Therefore, this guide is for consumers looking to learn the small differences between Boundless vaporizers, and to aid them in the process of choosing a specific unit based on customer preference.

Differences in Portability/Conceal-ability

So, as it was mentioned earlier, all Boundless units tend to have a strong body; however, there are definitely differences in sizes between devices. Users that are concerned about being stealthy will need to purchase more discreet units such as the Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer, or the Boundless CFC 2.0. The Boundless CF710 Vape Pen can be recommended for customers that wish to vape on the sly, but will be strictly using wax/concentrates. All of the company’s other products are pretty bulky, and although, they are highly portable, the units focus more on power rather than stealth. Battery life tends to be good in all Boundless products, but users wishing for more maximum flexibility on the move may want to consider a unit with rechargeable/removable batteries such as the Boundless Tera.

Temperature Control/Heating Method Comparisons

The majority of the Boundless products feature precision temperature control, except for the smallest unit, the Boundless CFC Lite, and the Boundless CF. The Boundless CFC Lite does allow for a selection between three pre-set temperatures, while the Boundless CF boasts five selections but consumers that want exact control will need to part with a bit more money. The other major distinctions between these sister brands is the method of heating. The Boundless Tera and the Boundless CFV are renowned for their use of pure convection heating, while the majority of Boundless units utilize hybrid heating such as the CF, and CFX, or simple conduction heating in devices such as the CFC lite vaporizer and CFC 2.0.

Retail Price/Vapor Quality Distinctions

The biggest difference between Boundless products is the retail value with a direct correlation to vapor quality. All of the Boundless vaporizers do a good job producing decent, tasty cloud, however some units produce a five star vapor quality while other devices allow for a three star experience. If a user is on a budget and wants to rip quickly, a CFC lite vaporizer will more than do the job. Consumers that want to have a satisfying session and get ample, flavorful dense clouds will need to buy one of the mid-end units such as the CFX or CFV. Lastly, for customers that want the king of vaporizers and that desire the ultimate, most delicious clouds should select a Boundless Tera. The Boundless Tera is their most expensive device which retails around $219.00, but it is one of the best portable vaporizers in the entire market.

Mini Guide to Pulsar Vaporizers

Pulsar logo

One of the number one brand names in the vaporizer industry is Pulsar. This company took the industry by storm in 2018, and has showed no signs of slowing down. The beautiful thing about Pulsar Vaporizers is there seems to be a custom fit for every user. It doesn’t matter if consumers prefer concentrates, oils or dry herb material; Pulsar has the product for them. Additionally, Pulsar caters to customers of all economic means with devices that range from $49.99 all the way up to $326.00. This mini guide should assist customers in learning about the various Pulsar vapes in order to find their perfect fit.

Pulsar APX

The Pulsar APX is the most popular unit in the Pulsar family. This unit is very affordable, sporting a price tag of a meager $69.99 in the majority of online retail stores. There are various versions of the Pulsar APX which are designed for use with different materials, which include the Pulsar APX Vape for dry herb, the Pulsar APX Wax, the Pulsar APX oil, and the Pulsar APX volt (wax pen). All of these products feature pre-set temperature control, maximum portability, and a gorgeous selection of colors/prints. The Pulsar APX family typically uses a conduction heating method, however, for traditional smokers that want a combustion-styled vape, they offer an electric pipe, the Pulsar APX Smoker. All in all, any Pulsar APX unit will be a smart buy.

APX Vape 2

Pulsar Flow Vaporizer

The next on our mini list of must have Pulsar units is the Pulsar Flow. This dry herb vape is geared towards users looking for cool, enhanced herb taste and just a bit higher end. The Pulsar Flow has several features that make it well worth the sales tag of $99.95. The most notable additions are its use of true convection heating and its quartz lined heating chamber for supreme vapor quality. Customers are also guaranteed to enjoy its extra powerful 1600 mAH battery, magnetic hand-piece for easy oven packing, and the wide range of pre-set temperatures (356 degrees to 428 degrees Fahrenheit) to choose from.

Pulsar Flow

Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail

Since dabbing has greatly increased in popularity, it makes sense that Pulsar would steal a piece of the pie with their introduction of their tiny box style, E-nail kit, the Pulsar Elite. This unit is a major deal at a price point of $199.99. Their original pro version, the Elite Series Pro E-Nail costs $326.00, and while it performs magnificently, it was out of budget for many consumers. The Elite Mini has all the perks of its predecessor, with a titanium coil, digital temp display, and gigantic temperature range from 0 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also extremely portable and boasts a quick heat up time of forty five seconds. The Elite Mini E-Nail is bound to be a fan favorite of any serious dabber, and Pulsar offers a nice selection of water pipe adaptors to pair it up with.

Pulsar Elite

Picking the Perfect Pulsar

At the end of the day, picking the perfect Pulsar should be easy. The Pulsar family has quality units for consumers of all economic means, and prides themselves in always upgrading and innovating upon existing devices. The expectation is that Pulsar will continue to grow as a company in 2019, and expand its already-awesome product line. In the meantime, the top three picks for the Pulsar line remain strong, and include the Pulsar APX, the Pulsar Flow, and the Pulsar Elite Series Mini-Enail. Any of the big three is guaranteed to delight both users new to vaping, and seasoned vape enthusiasts.


Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Portable Vaporizer

The Cloud V Phantom is the latest in a long line of marijuana vaporizers to come out of the famed CloudVapes, a renowned company known for its excellent vaporizers. This is a dry herb vaporizer which is cost effective, sleek, and compact. Although small in size, it can still hold a good enough quantity of dry herbs that should be enough to last you a long time.

The Cloud V Phantom is the perfect vaporizer for those who are just starting out on vaporizing dry herbs or those looking to buy their first very own vaporizer. The price makes it affordable for everyone. The design is intuitive and simple with a single heating setting.

Cloud V Phantom Portable VaporizerThe Cloud V Phantom is as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. With very few parts and an easy to clean design, this is for those that are looking for functionality with elegance. By unscrewing the bottom, you can load the vaporizer with the herbs of your choice, up to 0.3 grams of herbs at a time. It would be a good idea to pack the herbs tight and grind them fine in order to fit larger quantities in the chamber of this vaporizer.

There is a power button with an easy click feature and a pre-set temperature of 428 Fahrenheit, which is just the right temperature to dry up or vaporize your herbs of choice. You have a red light which turns blue once the heating has started. The battery life after a single charge of 3 hours is about 45 minutes. The vaporizer has its own safety feature which shuts down automatically after 2 minutes of vaporizing. This can save you from any accidental fires that can prove to be fatal.

The Cloud V Phantom has a manufacturer warranty of one year. The kit comes with two 18500 batteries, a pair of tweezers, packing tool, cleaning brush, and user manual. Even though it gets hot, the sturdy build of this vaporizer ensures that you don’t get your hands burned. There is a great amount of vapor generated from very small quantities of herbs, which is good news for anyone who knows how precious herbs are. This means you not only save on herbs and your herbs last longer, but you ultimately spend less on herbs as they last longer.

This portable vaporizer can easily fit into your pocket or in the palm of your hand. It is easily chargeable and heats up quickly. There is no need to wait a long time for your vaporizer to heat up. Since the battery can last up to 4 sessions of use after a single charge, this is the perfect vaporizer to take along with you when you go out of your home.

The durable build of this vaporizer ensures that you will be using it for a long time to come, making the minimal investment in it absolutely worth its price. Being very easy to use and even handier to port around, this is the vaporizer of choice for beginners and veterans alike.