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Guide to Choosing a Boundless Vaporizer

Boundless Logo

Boundless is one of the most popular brands in the industry, and this company has a large selection of units that range in price from under one hundred to well over two hundred dollars. Boundless vaporizers are easily recognized by more than just their logo; these devices all have three factors in common- the Boundless build is always sturdy, the cloud quality is top-notch, and every vape in their collection is easy to operate. Therefore, this guide is for consumers looking to learn the small differences between Boundless vaporizers, and to aid them in the process of choosing a specific unit based on customer preference.

Differences in Portability/Conceal-ability

So, as it was mentioned earlier, all Boundless units tend to have a strong body; however, there are definitely differences in sizes between devices. Users that are concerned about being stealthy will need to purchase more discreet units such as the Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer, or the Boundless CFC 2.0. The Boundless CF710 Vape Pen can be recommended for customers that wish to vape on the sly, but will be strictly using wax/concentrates. All of the company’s other products are pretty bulky, and although, they are highly portable, the units focus more on power rather than stealth. Battery life tends to be good in all Boundless products, but users wishing for more maximum flexibility on the move may want to consider a unit with rechargeable/removable batteries such as the Boundless Tera.

Temperature Control/Heating Method Comparisons

The majority of the Boundless products feature precision temperature control, except for the smallest unit, the Boundless CFC Lite, and the Boundless CF. The Boundless CFC Lite does allow for a selection between three pre-set temperatures, while the Boundless CF boasts five selections but consumers that want exact control will need to part with a bit more money. The other major distinctions between these sister brands is the method of heating. The Boundless Tera and the Boundless CFV are renowned for their use of pure convection heating, while the majority of Boundless units utilize hybrid heating such as the CF, and CFX, or simple conduction heating in devices such as the CFC lite vaporizer and CFC 2.0.

Retail Price/Vapor Quality Distinctions

The biggest difference between Boundless products is the retail value with a direct correlation to vapor quality. All of the Boundless vaporizers do a good job producing decent, tasty cloud, however some units produce a five star vapor quality while other devices allow for a three star experience. If a user is on a budget and wants to rip quickly, a CFC lite vaporizer will more than do the job. Consumers that want to have a satisfying session and get ample, flavorful dense clouds will need to buy one of the mid-end units such as the CFX or CFV. Lastly, for customers that want the king of vaporizers and that desire the ultimate, most delicious clouds should select a Boundless Tera. The Boundless Tera is their most expensive device which retails around $219.00, but it is one of the best portable vaporizers in the entire market.