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The Three Most Affordable Dry Herb Vapes

The balance between finding a product that is economic but works well is delicate. In particular, vape enthusiasts may struggle to acquire a unit that produces potent vapor but doesn’t cost a ton of money. There is a good selection of vaporizers that are priced around $100, or slightly below, but even this price range may be unrealistic for some users. Luckily, some options do exist for customers that want devices closer to fifty dollars rather than one hundred dollars. The following list will discuss the details and important aspects of the three most affordable portable dry herb vaporizers of 2019. All of the following vapes are also listed for sale at $65 or below!

The CFC Lite

CFC Lite

The number one most economic and optimally-functioning dry herb vape is the CFC Lite by Boundless! This unit has all the ingredients needed for success jammed into one tiny package. With a height below four inches for ultra stealthy use, and a ceramic chamber for tasty vapor, the CFC Lite does it right. The device additionally features an isolated air path which enhances cloud quality, three temperature selections (385, 403 & 421 degrees Fahrenheit), and a removable, and replaceable battery which increases portability. Boundless is a very reputable brand, and they finally made a budget unit for users that want high quality but don’t have deep pockets. The CFC Lite is listed at $64.99 at most online retail shops, but customers may be able to shop around and purchase the unit at $59.99 with a coupon code.

The Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump is a dry herb vape pen that is simple but super hard hitting. The unit touts an anodized oven and utilization of a convection heating method, as marijuana is not placed in direct contact with the heating element, but rather passes through a ceramic filter. The result of this design is thick, dense, and powerful clouds. Customers should be aware the unit only comes with one pre-set temperature, and a non-removable 1200 mAH battery, so there is not as much flexibility as the CFC Lite listed above. The Atmos Jump is a great choice for users looking to vape fast and easy, and that want to rip on a budget. With a retail price of $59.95, it’s definitely affordable for the masses.

The SeshGear Commute

SeshGear Commute

Last but not least on the list is the SeshGear Commute! This unit is one of those hidden gems that is up and coming. Standing at barely four inches, it definitely has the discreet factor and users can hit it anytime and anywhere. What’s really to love about this vape, though, is the internal build. The SeshGear Commute uses a fully ceramic heating chamber, and pure convection heating for delicious and potent vapor quality. It also manages to offer some customization with a total of three temperature settings including 390, 405, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Users that are trying to save money, but want a great, inconspicuous and portable unit will have found their match in the SeshGear Commute. It also happens to be the most affordable on the list with a retail price of $55!