The Herbalizer Vaporizer – Premium Desktop Technology

The Herbalizer Vaporizer - Premium Desktop Technology

If you have been researching top tier desktop vaporizers, and have been curious as to which vape is really the leader of the industry, then you have likely heard about The Herbalizer Vaporizer, which has made a big name for itself over the past couple of years. The main reasons why this high performance desktop vaporizer is so popular among cannabis users is that it has an extremely fast heat up time, thanks to a halogen bulb, which provides nearly instantaneous heat which can vaporize the contents of the chamber in a matter of a few seconds.  In addition to the fast heat up times on this product, some of the additional attributes which attract buyers are the sleek design, premium performance, and the unique ability to use either a whip or a balloon bag to inhale your vapor draws.

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The Herbalizer has a very sleek and ergonomic design that blends right in with other household appliances such as clock radios and other associated coffee table products.  Treat yourself to the smoothest, purest vapor draws on the planet with the highest rated desktop vaporizer of all time.  The only other desktop vape that even comes close to the same level as the herbie is the Volcano, but this lacks the fast heat up times and is only compatible with it’s patented “easy valve” or “solid valve” balloon bag system.  With the herbalizer, you are afforded the luxury of choosing the balloon bag or the whip, so you can enjoy your deluxe herbal vaporization in whichever method is more convenient for you.  Me, I like to switch it up, as sometimes I will use the balloon, and then other times I will use the whip.  The balloons are definitely better when there are multiple people around, at a party or other similar atmosphere.  The whip attachment is much better for personal use, and you should use it accordingly.

Herbalizer Price Comparison To Other Desktop Models

The herbalizer is more expensive than 99% of the other vaporizers on the marketplace, and much higher than other desktops as well, except for the Digital Volcano, which is within $50 of the herbie.  But don’t get hung up on the high price tag, if you really want performance, and you simply demand a premium experience, then this baby is your ticket.  There is no other vaporizer on the marketplace that performs as well as the herbie, hence the giant price tag.  So please keep that in mind when you are searching the marketplace for the best desktop vaporizer to purchase, you must always think about performance and functionality, it’s not always about price.  If you could just remove price from the equation, then you would immediately be able to gain a better understanding of this product, and what it’s true features are.  It performs at a higher level than ever other vaporizer that we have tested, and that says a lot, because we have tested hundreds!

In summary, the herbalizer is the highest performing, highest priced desktop vaporizer on the market, and it will likely remain there until another young entrepreneurial-minded company comes out of the woodwork to challenge this facet of intellectual achievement.  Until then, it’s the herbie that takes the crown, and it’s praises we will sing until another worthy vape takes the throne!